FIC Ingredients China 2017

Service safety functional food market demand for new natural extract, functional ingredients exhibition area
In order to more effectively adapt to the rapid development of functional food, natural products, health food, special dietary food, high quality food market demand, safe, natural, nutritious, multi-functional food additives and ingredients products will be displayed on the FIC2017 The most important thing. To this end, FIC2017 show will be the new natural products, natural extracts and functional ingredients professional exhibition area. Natural products, natural extracts and functional ingredients of the professional exhibition set up, is conducive to segment the professional product market, to meet the exhibitors to focus on natural, safe, functional products and new products on display demand, and guide industry enterprises and products Users, pay attention to food safety, improve product quality, improve product quality, improve and protect the safety of food to meet the needs of sub-food market to facilitate the special buyers of special procurement, promote food industry counterparts concerned about the importance of food safety and industry development trend. This area will focus on the exhibition: natural extracts, animal and plant extracts, functional food ingredients, natural organic food and food ingredients, natural products, health food, special dietary food ingredients, freeze-dried dried fruits and vegetables and meat products.
Service food safety market and product upgrade needs to strengthen the original exhibition area of ​​the functional settings
FIC2017 In order to meet and serve the increasingly rapid development of China’s food safety and food machinery and equipment development needs, as well as food industry professional audience of one-stop procurement, and with food, food additives and ingredients business chain product upgrades, technological transformation and business Food safety, improve product quality market demand, according to the FIC2016 exhibitors and professional audience survey feedback, FIC2017 we will be in the original machinery and equipment exhibition area to expand the exhibition area of ​​the exhibition area, and adjust and strengthen this Regional exhibition area, this exhibition will be located in the machinery, food safety testing equipment exhibition, specializing in food packaging machinery, packaging materials, food processing machinery, food additives and ingredients production and application technology and food safety services for food testing equipment, equipment And technology, more emphasis on serving the field of food safety, food safety to provide supporting solutions. Machinery, food safety testing equipment exhibition area will absorb more and more professional production enterprises exhibitors, this will also bring together more high-quality professional buyers resources, enrich the strength of FIC buyers buyers, together with the exhibitors to share the whole Industrial chain of professional buyers advantage




Post time: Mar-28-2017
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